My Story

Hi friends! Thank you for taking the time to read my story.


This blog started a few days after I attended a Creative Writing Workshop last October that was advertised in a Young Professional Bible Study ministry (called FNL) at our church. I was inspired by Ms. Isa Garcia – a writer, a blogger, and a professor – to start writing. I have to acknowledge my favorite speaker and writer whom I look up to and have also inspired me to write and put up a blog – Lysa Terkeurst. Since I have the passion to speak, write and teach about the wonderful Word and works of the Lord in my life, I want to use this passion to glorify and magnify His Name.

I am a believer of Christ and I believe that I have been set free from the bondage of sin when Jesus died on the cross and rose again 2000 years ago. I have received grace and was saved from the penalty of sin when I chose to believe and accept Jesus Christ to be my Lord and Savior. It is my passion to study and communicate the Word of God with others to lead, inspire, and encourage.

I am currently blessed to walk alongside 7 precious girls as we continue our spiritual journey and growth in our Faith. It is truly a privilege to be called to lead and minister to these young people. I hope and pray that this blog will also be a way for me to reach and encourage other people regardless of age.

I am saved by Grace and identified with Christ. I write to express my passion to teach – to speak of His Truth where I am called to lead. I’m designed to worship and gifted to sing. All to bring glory to the King of kings.

Few of My Favorite Things:

  1. I’m a coffee-lover – I drink at least a cup or two of it everyday. No, I am not addicted.
  2. I love pasta and pizza.
  3. I adore dogs – I have a Dachshund named Sky – when I was kid, I really liked the sky – and he’s always with his best buddy Wako, a Japanese Spitz.
  4. I love music – I listen to all types of genre except for hard rock on which I really don’t understand anything they say. Everyday and everywhere I listen to music. Piano is my favorite instrument among all other instruments.
  5. I love books – I’m into fantasy and biblical/spiritual books. My favorite authors, so far, for fiction would be Morghan Rhodes and Amanda Hocking, and for Non-fiction would be Warren W. Weirsbe, Jerry Bridges, and John Piper.
  6. I am really fond of pens/colored pens, planners, notebooks, writing materials – anything that has to do with writing or keeping notes.
  7. But above all else, I just love every moment with Jesus during my quiet time (reading the Bible and talking to Him in prayer). There’s nothing else that can ever compare to that wonderful experience of being in His presence.
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