Blessing Inside UBER

I bet you’ve tried booking an Uberpool or Grabshare going to work or to any place. The tip is not to book them if you’re in a hurry. Or atleast, book a little earlier than your estimated travel time to avoid being late. But if earlier is not possible, then book an uberX or GrabCar. You know what I’m saying..

This morning, I booked a ride using Uber on my way to work. My usual booking is 2-hours earlier than the start of my working hours and I usually arrived in 30 minutes. And yes, I have like an hour and a half time for myself before I begin working. I have my reasons why I come that early, but number one is that I don’t like being late. Ever. Plus, there’s a lot of advantage and so much to be done by coming early at work. Well, 1 1/2 hour is a bit exaggerated but hey, I like it that way.

So…. I had this unexpected experience during my UberPool ride. First, I got to the uber car and turns out I’ll be sharing a ride with someone. Which will add 15 minutes to my travel time based on the pick-up location. But that never really bothered me. Or atleast not yet. But yeah, this is one of the reason why I leave home early. So, we went to pick her up in her location and when we got there, she’s nowhere to be found. We drove in circles like about six times and it really got me dizzy already.

Now, we all have to admit that we usually get a little bit impatient when this happens… or may not even be too little at times, but too much! And for me, even though I know that it’s still too early, that I won’t be late, I still got a little impatient. Of course, still putting on my poker face as if saying ‘this is nothing. at all’. I just wanted to continue the travel and not to worry about the clock ticking. But we decided to wait and the driver complains non-stop about her. Giving all this crazy comments that I just don’t wanna hear. So I put on my earphones and chill! I think he needs one too. Then finally, she showed up! about 15 minutes of waiting plus the other 15 minutes of travel going to her location. Awesome. I was thinking to myself, ‘I ain’t talkin’. I’ll be just fine, now that we’re finally leaving’. So the girl got in the car and was really flustered. Turns out she didn’t mean to be so late because her Uber App was messed up that she had to delete it and re-install. See, it’s really not her fault. 

She greeted me ‘good morning’ and we started chatting. I said I wasn’t gonna talk but it just happened. She sure knows how to start a conversation in a very smooth and casual way. I’m really impressed. The girl is a college student (I’m 8 years older) and a very open book. She does not shy away from sharing her life story. It’s not dramatic so it’s fine to listen. In like a 30-minutes of travel, I’ve already learned a lot about her. And what do you know, I ended up giving her few life lessons based on the stories she shared to me. Confirmed. My calling will always be to minister to teenagers.

I admire the girl. She’s very nice and pleasant, independent, business-minded – being trained to handle their family business, focused, determined, honest, obedient – she loves her parents very much and really want to please them, talented in music – she plays a lot of instruments (not to mentioned that her dad also have gigs from time to time. How cool is that?!), and is open-minded – always willing to learn. Before she left the uber car (yes, she’s the first one to drop-off), she thanked me and said she learned a lot. With that kind of response, I believe that shows she has the willingness to learn from others.

I thank God for crossing our path thru Uber. In that short encounter, I realized a lot of things and got inspired by her qualities for such a young age. Hopefully, we can meet again, if God allows. I do know where she lives and what school she goes to but I’m no stalker. Creepy. That conversation was really fruitful for me and I bet the driver also changed his mind about her (after all those things he said earlier).

So my point here in this whole story, is that it is not a coincidence that she is the person I got to share the uberpool ride with. It could be a way of God teaching me something or reminding me of something. It could be a way to inspire me to do and be better. It could also be His way of using me to bless someone. So being impatient is never a good idea or reaction to any situation. There is a purpose for why everything had to happen.

How we see things affects our decisions and our emotions – keep a godly perspective. We can always learn something from someone or in a situation – just keep an open mind. And finally, use every opportunity to be a blessing to someone. We were there for a reason and was purposefully placed there by God.

Question is, how do we use our time at the moment for God’s glory?


2 thoughts on “Blessing Inside UBER

  1. damarisb513 says:

    I love how God used you and taught you something Even in a short commute to work! I often think the same thing, is what I’m doing honoring God and giving him the glory? Then He goes and sends me someone my way that I can speak to and witness to.

    Liked by 1 person

    • M A R I A says:

      Wow! Thank you for sharing, Rose. It’s wonderful to know that you yourself is aware of God calling you to do something – to witness to someone when He leads you to someone. Doing things to honor God and giving Him glory is what makes our time here really worth it.

      Liked by 1 person

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