Blessed Birthday Week

Wow! It’s been a very long time since I last posted on my blog. I apologize to my followers for that and I know it’s no excuse that I got so busy at work and the real world.

The other day, a sweet girl, who follows my blog that also happens to be close to me, reminded me that I haven’t been active on my blog lately. So here I am. I found an inspiration to write. So let me start on my Birthday week. Yes, it’s a birthday week. A lot of great things happened to me during that week and I’m so grateful. But for now, I’ll only go with the highlights.

I just turned 26 last March 19. Awesome things happened since the week before. On March 11, I got to spend my time with these lovely young people who had been very close to my heart as time pass by since the day I met them.


We had a fruitful conversation about what most of their age are dealing with – LOVE – issues of the heart. I have always been burdened to tap this topic with them since this is where most young people are careless about. So we talked about this over dinner. But I won’t go on with further details, for now. But I’m really grateful to God for the opportunity and privilege to pass down what He has taught me through the years. Since that night, I’ve become part of their group chat. I’m the eldest with big years of gap. haha!

The following days, God has been sending me and leading me to different people that is in need and is seeking help and advice. I can’t really say that I’m good in advice, but I’m really humbled to be used by God. And Truly, when God uses you to fulfill His works to someone, there is great joy that overflows! For me, that’s a wonderful gift from God.


And on March 18, Saturday, I was actually planning to go out of town and visit some friends so I told these group of young people, two nights before that I won’t be able to attend the Youth Service because they were expecting to see me on Saturday. But on the night before, it was a sudden change of plan, I told them again that I’ll go. And I’m really glad I did. They prepared a surprised birthday celebration for me and to be honest, I’m actually very surprised! I didn’t have a clue. I thought we’re just gonna go hang out somewhere. It’s so funny for me to know how they got all-freaked out when I told them that I’m not coming! And they have already pre-ordered a cake with a charge in cancellation! Haha! That will be a waste of cake! I really appreciate their time, effort and money invested on this. Each one of them blessed me in many ways before and they all have a place in my heart. So it really means a lot that they were all there to celebrate my birthday with me.

But what had overwhelmed me the most is, as I do my daily quiet time with the Lord (reading His Word and studying it – I was in the book of Judges), He speaks very loud and clear. He’s so real to me during those times. I know He has always been with me, but in those times (even until now), I can really feel His presence. I won’t deny that my birthday week was also the toughest week! And I mean, REALLY TOUGH. I was dealing with pain, struggles, and challenges. But it was also the BEST week, because I was never alone. I wasn’t fighting alone. In fact, I can actually say it was perfect because God was with me all throughout and it was so fulfilling! In my weakness, He was my strength. And I was so overwhelmed! I would gladly share more about this on a different page.

And finally, on the day of my birthday – Sunday, nothing beats a family celebration at church to worship God altogether, and remind myself of a faithful God I serve and for everything He has done for us. Then we had dinner afterwards. To be blessed by a family that is not perfect but is centered in Christ is something I’m ought to be thankful to God for. They are a big part of my 26 years and I’m looking forward to what God has in store for me in years ahead.

Now, that is my blessed birthday week which the blessing continues even until today. And there’s no one else who deserves all the praises, glory and awe, but only the One, true and living God – Jesus Christ. To Him I bring it all back!


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