I Am A Tree

Carefully and uniquely crafted by my Maker Each leaves shaped according to Your desire and pleasure Each colors put a smile on Your beautiful face You delight as it grows in Your perfect way The old is gone, You replaced it with new Now what better way to respond to You But to breathe and … Continue reading I Am A Tree


Pursue Emotional Purity

Reposting a blog that had once again reminded me of God’s faithfulness in my life.



“He’s just a friend.” Well, something like that . . . and a lot more.

I’ve used this excuse before and man, I couldn’t count the number of times I had to lie and convince myself that he really was just—a friend. But deep within my heart, I know that he’s so much more than what I brand him for. But I had to deny . . . because I also knew that despite of the fact that I’ve grown feelings for him, he wasn’t just God’s plan.

Sure, he made me happy. He kind of made me feel special and loved, somehow. He was a shoulder to cry on, the secret-keeper kind of person and the man I thought I want to end up with. But the amount of happiness he gave was nothing compared to the pain he gave when he acted like he just doesn’t care—that I…

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Have You Ever Said These Words ‘Sometimes, I Just Don’t Know Who I Am Anymore’?

These past few days, God has been talking to me about the word "character". My Bible Study and the books I read would somehow lead me to this topic. And when I looked at the google on how Character was defined, the following meanings appear: : The mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual : … Continue reading Have You Ever Said These Words ‘Sometimes, I Just Don’t Know Who I Am Anymore’?

Blessing Inside UBER

I thank God for crossing our path thru Uber. In that short encounter, I realized a lot of things and got inspired by her qualities for such a young age. Hopefully, we can meet again, if God allows. I do know where she lives and what school she goes to but I'm no stalker. That conversation was really fruitful for me and I bet the driver also changed his mind about her (after all that complain he said earlier).